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300 BLACKOUT 110 gr TCX (Total Copper X-panding) Solid Copper Defensive Ammunition

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300 BLACKOUT 110 gr TCX

Built with all new components, the 300 BLACKOUT 110 gr TCX is a 110 grain, 300 BLACKOUT caliber Solid Copper Defensive round, with a muzzle velocity of 2,250 feet per second and 1,236 ft/lbs of muzzle energy, as tested in a standard 12 inch, 1 in 8 twist barrel.

Upon testing with ballistic gelatin to FBI specifications, the 110gr TCX expands to .800 inches, with 100% bullet weight retention, and 18 inches of penetration.

Packaged 20 rounds per box, we build these to our exacting standards to ensure you have only the most consistent and reliable defensive ammo available. DEFIANT MUNITIONS uses only the highest quality primers, powder, brass casings and projectiles in all of our Premium Defensive ammunition.

TCX (Total Copper X-panding) ammunition incorporates a 100% solid copper projectile, with both interior and exterior serrations to ensure maximum expansion. There is no bi-metallic bonding to separate or otherwise fail, as can occur with JHP (Jacketed HollowPoint) projectiles.

The result is consistent penetration that meets or exceeds FBI standards, and expansion that reliably outperforms typical JHP (Jacketed HollowPoint) projectiles.

The brass for this ammunition receives a proprietary, TPD plating giving 5X the lubricity compared to non-plated brass. This corrosion resistant plating won't crack or flake, like nickel plating can, and improves extraction and ejection of spent brass.

At DEFIANT MUNITIONS, we don’t simply test each new product upon release. We test every lot of ammunition for muzzle velocity, muzzle energy, penetration depth, expansion rate and weight retention to the highest standards. We go the extra mile to ensure maximum performance and consistency.

Additionally, every round is inspected and chamber checked by hand before packaging.

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