Warranty Statement and Service


Iron-Pig Armament manufactured, or branded products come with a limited lifetime warranty granted.

This warranty is transferable.

Iron-Pig Armament products are warranted to be free of manufacture and workmanship defects. Under this warranty, Iron-Pig Armament, upon inspection, will repair or replace a product due to any defects found in material or workmanship.

Iron-Pig Armament warranty will not cover any of the following:

  • Unauthorized alterations to a firearm or upper.
  • Changing of a product any way from the factory condition.
  • Careless or negligent handling resulting in damage of a product.
  • Barrel obstructions due to faulty ammunition or improper maintenance.
  • Ordinary wear and tear of a product including cosmetic damage.
  • Unauthorized repairs not made by Iron-Pig Armament.
  • Damage caused by failure to conduct routine maintenance, resulting in rust or corrosion.

The use of any ammunition that is hand-loaded, factory remanufactured, or factory loaded ammunition not loaded to C.I.P. or SAAMI specifications will result in a voided warranty.

Any repairs that are conducted on a voided warranty will be at the expense of the customer. For warranty work to be conducted an RMA number must be on the product being repaired either on the shipping label or written on the package. If there is no RMA number present on the shipping label or written on the package, then the product will be returned to the courier used.

Repair requests will be made through the Customer Service Department and at the time an RMA number will be issued. If the item was purchased directly from Iron-Pig Armament, please have your order number and e-mail ready before contacting a Customer Service Representative.

If a product was not ordered directly from Iron-Pig Armament, please provide an invoice from the dealer from which the product was purchased from and send the invoice to Customer Service through e-mail.

When sending products for repair the contents of the package must be adequately secure to protect from damage that may occur during the shipping process. Iron-Pig Armament is not responsible for damage or loss of a product caused by shipping.




For warranty or service, please take the following steps:

1)    Contact Iron-Pig Armament by submitting a contact form on our website, or by emailing us directly at info@ironpigarmament.com explaining the problem and your requirements in as much detail as possible. Include the model name and serial number of your firearm.

2)    You will receive shipping information and an RMA form from customer service once it is deemed covered under warranty/serviceable.

Before shipping your firearm, take note of some important points to remember:

Various Federal and State laws and local ordinances govern the transfer and transportation of firearms. Take the advice of the Dealer in your state on how to send your firearm to Iron-Pig Armament.


Shipping suggestions:

  • Do not send presentation boxes, accessories, or explosive components.
  • Do not indicate the contents or include "Iron-Pig Armament" in the address on the package, so that an inquisitive thief is not attracted to it by such information.
  • Make sure that the package contents are insured against loss or theft. Iron-Pig Armament is not responsible for any damage or loss that occurs while in transit.