9 inch M-LOK Billet Handguard


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The Iron Pig Armament AR-15 Lightweight M-LOK Handguard w/ Full Rail allows you to equip compatible accessories while adding minimal weight to your build. These AR Handguards & Forends from Iron Pig Armament are machined from 6061-T6 aluminum for a rugged yet lightweight design that’s built to last. This Iron Pig Armament Lightweight M-LOK Rifle Handguard features a full-length Picatinny rail on top so that you can securely mount red dots, scopes and other optics, and each handguard includes a barrel nut and mounting screws for installation. Pick up this Iron Pig Armament AR-15 Lightweight M-LOK Handguard w/ Full Picatinny Rail to upgrade your customization capabilities and improve your handling in the field.

Installation instructions
Handguard installation instructions:

In order to install your new hand guard you will need the following tools:

30mm Wrench
T25 Torx Screw Driver
Threadlocker (optional)
Once you have installed your barrel in your upper, thread on the barrel nut onto the upper receiver and tighten down to 35-65 foot pounds.

After you have installed your gas block and tube assembly slide the hand guard over the barrel nut. You may apply lock-tight to the exterior of the barrel nut across the knurled surface for added grip. (The rail will need force when going over the barrel nut as the knurling is designed to mar the interior surface of the rail adding additional grip.)

Align the rail with your receiver and put the mounting screws in the drilled holes from the left side of the upper receiver and proceed to tighten them down to 50 inch pounds.


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